Loceryl (Amorolfine) Nail Fungus Treatment

Loceryl is a nail lacquer with the active ingredient Amorolfine Hydrochloride, a known anti-fungicide effective at killing a wide variety of fungi that can cause nail fungus. It is a topical nail fungus treatment that comes in the form of a nail lacquer.

Clinical tests carried out on the effectiveness of Amorolfine nail lacquer for the removal of nail fungus indicate good success rates following a consistent treatment routine.

Loceryl requires a once-a-week application much in the same way as you would brush on a nail polish. The nail lacquer dries on the nail after application holding the antifungal agent in a reservoir that allows it to soak into the nail and come into contact with the fungus.

Loceryl is one of the few topical treatments available that only requires a weekly application. Most others require application 2 or 3 times every day. If you will find it easier to stick to a weekly rather than a daily treatment routine, then Loceryl is a great option.

As with all medications, read the information provided with the product carefully. Inform your pharmacist if you are taking other medications.

Application of Loceryl nail lacquer

LocerilLoceryl cream should be applied weekly to all parts of the affected nail.

Prior to application the nail should be thoroughly cleaned using an alcohol swab or nail varnish remover and filed down as necessary to remove any remaining traces of the lacquer from previous applications, and to scrape away nail layers above the fungus.

The lacquer should be allowed to dry for at least three minutes after application. This forms a water resistant film on the surface of the nail, holding the antifungal medication in a reservoir against the nail.  The medication is continuously released for seven days, penetrating into the nail to reach the fungus and destroy it. A nail file, cleaning pad and spatula are supplied with the Loceryl nail lacquer. Always wash your hands after touching an infected nail.

Loceryl review: Pros and cons


  • Amorolfine is a known anti-fungal agent effective against all types of nail fungus whether caused by dermatophytes, yeasts or molds.
  • Topical treatment that targets the fungal infection directly and is not a systemic medication.
  • The antifungal medication forms a reservoir on the surface of the nail and penetrates the nail continuously for a 7 day period.
  • Loceryl requires a weekly application routine which users may find easier to stick to than daily treatments.


  • Treatment times can be long as it takes time for the healthy nail to grow through.
  • Side effects such as a burning sensation in the skin around the nails and allergic reactions have been reported, but these are rare.

Purchasing Loceryl

  • Loceryl price: This normally falls between US$80 and $150 per bottle.

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  1. I’m using Loceryl Nail LAcquer right now, and I can saw a big improvement but I suggest you to putt your mobile on the week reminder.

  2. Mary Glen says:

    Great idea on the timer! I should add that to our treatment resources page. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Will Leader says:

    This medication works well and fast

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