Fungi Nail Reviews

Fungi Nail is a liquid antifungal solution designed for the treatment of nail bed fungus infections. It is one of the oldest treatments on the market, having been developed more than 25 years ago. The active ingredient is Undecylenic acid (25), a widely recognized antifungal agent.

Like all nail fungus treatments, the successful elimination of the infection depends a great deal on consistent application of the product over several weeks and months.

How does Fungi Nail work?

Fungi Nail does not work by penetrating the nail, but by attacking the fungus that exists in the skin around the nail. As the nail grows out, so too will the fungus. To apply Fungi Nail, follows the steps set out below:

  1. Clean the affected area carefully with soap and water (consider using an antifungal soap for this).
  2. Dry toenails, and the skin surrounding them thoroughly.
  3. Trim and file the toenails back as far as possible.
  4. Apply Fungi Nail antifungal solution at least twice each day using the brush applicator.  The product is designed for application around the nail: Over the cuticle, on either side of the nail and underneath the nail tip (see diagram below).
  5. Let the product dry for at least 10 minutes before putting on shoes and socks.

Fungi Nail Brand Reviews

With mild infections you should notice a healthy nail starting to emerge from under the cuticle after 4-8 weeks.  For severe infections, this may take longer.  Continue applying Fungi Nail until the new, healthy nail has completely grown out – a process that can take months.

Prepare yourself mentally for a long treatment course. You can’t control exactly how long it will take for your fungus infection to disappear, but you can control how consistent you are at applying the antifungal solution – so concentrate on that.

Wear well-fitted and well-ventilated shoes during treatment, remembering to change socks daily (more often if you exercise and your socks become damp from perspiration). It’s preferable not to wear nail polish while you are undergoing treatment so that your nails are able to “breathe” as much as possible.

Fungi Nail Brand reviews


  • Established product, developed over 25 years ago.
  • Excellent safety profile.
  • Contains Undecylenic acid, a proven antifungal medication.
  • New “Pen” applicator has been introduced designed to help consumers apply the right amount of product where it is needed, without any mess or spills. See details.
  • Available without prescription.


  • Persistence and consistency is needed.  Don’t expect a magic, immediate solution (unfortunately they don’t exist when it comes to nail fungus infections).
  • As the treatment is being applied “around” the nail and is not designed to penetrate it, it is vital to ensure that you continue treatment for a whole nail growth cycle.

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  1. Dale Gillespie says:

    Distilled white vinegar works just as well with a cotton swab application twice a day. This also takes the same whole nail growth cycle.

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