Curanail (Amorolfine) 5% Nail Lacquer

Curanail is a nail lacquer applied topically to nails infected by fungus. The active ingredient is Amorolfine a prescription strength antifungal agent that is available from licenced pharmacists in person or online. The same drug is also marketed under the brand name Loceryl.

Tests indicate a high success rate for nail fungus treatment after six months of regular application. The highest success rates are for mild and moderate infections.

Curanail 5 nail lacquer is applied once a week to the affected nail. Some users prefer the lower time commitment required in a weekly treatment compared with the daily, or even twice daily, applications required by other topical treatments for nail fungus. It is suggested that users discuss progress with their pharmacist every 3 months.

As with all medications read the information provided with the product carefully and discuss Curanail with a health care professional.

Application for nail fungus infections

Curanail 5 is applied once a week. Amorolfine, the active ingredient in the nail lacquer, is retained in the nail bed for up to 7 days.

Effort must be taken to apply Curanail Nail Lacquer over the entire nail covering all affected parts completely. Before application the nail should be completely clean.

Curanail review: Pros and cons


  • Amorolfine is a known anti-fungal agent.
  • Users may find the weekly application routine easier to stick to than daily treatments.


  • At least six months of treatment normally required and it may take longer than that for the healthy nail to grow through.
  • A review of treatment with a pharmacist is recommended every 3 months.
  • Side effects such as a burning sensation in the skin around the nails and allergic reactions have been reported, but these are rare.

Purchasing Curanail

Curanail is an Amorolfine nail lacquer that is marketed in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. The same treatment is also available under the brand name Loceryl.

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