Identifying The Best Antifungal Powder To Keep Infections At Bay

There are 4 brands that stand out when it comes to antifungal powders: Zeasorb, Desenex, Lamisil and Gold Bond powder. All offer a highly effective product that we have detailed below. Once you read up about fungal infections you’ll quickly understand that they most often occur in most, warm areas of the body. For more details check out these skin fungus pictures.

Zeasorb Antifungal Powder – A dermatologist recommended super absorbent powder

best antifungal powderContains Miconazole Nitrate, a powerful antifungal that kills the fungus that causes jock itch, ringworm and athletes foot. It has a strong astringent quality ensuring that the affected areas remain dry. Zeabsorb powder is also designed to relive the itching, burning and scaling associated with active infections.

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Desenex Antifungal Powder – Check out the positive reviews

best antifungal foot powderA clinically proven antifungal powder that has been specially formulated to kill the fungus that causes athletes foot and other ringworm infections. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot, then this Desenex foot powder will be ideal for you. If you are undecided than check out the positive reviews.

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Lamisal Powder (3 pack) – Effective treatment for athletes foot and ringworm

antifungal powderLamisil is a well known brand in the treatment and prevention of Athletes foot. This 1% tolnafate powder is clinically proven to combat Athletes foot and other forms of ringworm elsewhere on the body. Laminal foot powder will absorb foot moisture and control orders as well as keeping fungal infections away. There is not much more than you can expect from an antifungal powder.

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Gold Bond Powder – Great for eliminating foot odors

best foot powderIf you need relief from the pain and itching associated with fungal conditions, then Gold Bond medicated powder is for you. But it will do more than provide maximum strength itch relief, the powder will also absorb excess moisture and control nasty foot odors.

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A three pronged attack on fungal infections

For a comprehensive three-pronged treatment for Athletes foot, Jock Itch and other fungal infections many sufferers combine the use of an antifungal powder with an antifungal cream and an antifungal soap. If you suffer from recurrent infections then this approach should be effective at keeping the infections at bay.

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